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For 2 years I was unable to walk because I had no feeling in my legs. I was scared that I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I decided to try chiropractic because all of the medical tests showed nothing and no one could give me a diagnosis. I tried physical therapy and received no response. After receiving chiropractic care I now have feeling in my legs and the best part is I can walk! I feel ten years younger! The doctor and staff are very friendly. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone because IT WORKS!” --- Paul Carle

“I was experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms in my hands. The tingling and numbness had been there for over 2 years. I tried to relieve the symptoms with various medications prescribed by medical doctor. Someone recommended that I week chiropractic care. I tried it and the tingling and numbness has lessened dramatically. I had great results from the treatment! The doctor and staff are very professional and dedicated to their work. I am treated just like family.” --- Charles Buchanan

“I had heel pain where I could not walk without limping and suffering from severe pain. I also suffered from upper back and neck pain that resulted in barely sleeping at night and it was very hard to work at my computer. I tried everything from heat and ice to medicine prescribed by medical doctors. After seeking chiropractic care, I have NO back or neck pain at all. I can walk with virtually no pain and my heel is continuing to improve. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone with heel spurs. It is really your only option. The doctor is the most concerned and sincere doctor I have ever met. The staff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable.” --- Brenda Elgin

“For over 10 years I had a constant dull ache and occasional sharp pain in my neck and shoulders, not to mention the occasional pain in my mid and lower back. I tried all kinds of medications but nothing would work. Medical doctor4s even recommended surgery. I decided to give chiropractic a chance before I had surgery. Thankfully I did because amazingly my pain subsided within weeks. I have referred several people to chiropractic. It WORKS! I also love going into the office and everyone know me by my name. The doctor and staff are so personable.” --- Erica Thomas

“I needed relief from my low back pain, neck pain, and whiplash symptoms. The pain had been going on for about 6 to 8 months. I am now pain free and feel 5 years younger. I am able to move about freely. I would recommend the painless treatments with great results to everyone. Everyone has been so kind, caring, and helpful.” --- Larry Dilday

“I suffered from shoulder pain and back pain running into my right leg. After trying all sorts of medicine, cortisone shots, and spinal shots, I decided to give chiropractic a shot. I have had great results. All of my pains are significantly better. If it helped me and my pains, I know it could help others. The doctor has been wonderful. He is very patient and shows much concern.” --- Geneva Ward

“I am a spinal stenosis sufferer, which is narrowing of the spinal canal. I was in severe pain. I decided to try chiropractic before having surgery. I tried physical therapy for my condition as well as medication. After 3 weeks of treatment I no longer had severe pain. I would recommend chiropractic care over surgery any day. The doctor made me feel very safe and secure. The staff is very special to me.” --- Norma Parkinson

“For four and a half years I had tried everything for pain in my back from a car wreck. Drugs, Prolotherapy, nerve blocks, massage. I have much better movement and my symptoms are significantly lessened. I would recommend it because it has worked such wonders for me. I love you guys. Very personalized care, everyone is friendly. Dr. Bone takes the time to sit and explain everything he does.” --- Crystal Bastuck

“I had lower back pain, numbness in my leg and my hip hurt. I couldn't sleep at night. Every time I would move a certain way it was like a sharp knife pain. Now I can walk better, sleep at night pain free. Almost like a new life. I can enjoy doing things I was doing before the back pain started. The doctor was good, he explained everything step by step and made me feel comfortable and showed he cared about the problem. The staff was great and helpful and nice. They made me feel good, not like any other clinic that I've been to before.”--- Joy King

“I sought chiropractic care for pain, cramping and burning that I had in my left foot for several years. I received immediate and total relief of my pain in my foot. Dr. Bone has gone the extra mile to help me and has been very patient with me. All the staff are very friendly and caring.” --- Janet Bryant

“I wanted relief of my back pain, especially lower back, and headaches so that I would feel more like doing things with my family. My pain is almost totally gone. The doctor was very knowledgeable, caring and kind. He really was and is concerned. The staff was very polite and helpful, and I feel comfortable coming to the office.” --- Rhonda Taylor

“After 10 years of suffering with headaches, back pain and numbness, tingling and swelling in my hands, I sought chiropractic care to help control the pain. I wanted to avoid using harmful medications, which I had used before for treatment. Since I have started receiving treatment my pain is not as intense and I am able to stand and sit longer, while having more energy for work and home. The doctor and staff care about your total well-being.” — Paulette Harvison

“Constant pain had kept me from being as active as I had always been. I had seen an orthopedic and neurosurgeon, had an MRI and mylogram, but no one could help me. Since starting chiropractic treatment I feel more like my old self again, I rarely have pain in my lower back. Dr. Bone has helped me regain my active lifestyle and my mental well being. The staff is outgoing and friendly, their helpfulness is genuine and not just their job.” —Brad Burton

“I began receiving chiropractic treatment a couple of days after a semi-truck rear-ended my vehicle. I had whiplash in my neck, pain in my right shoulder and low back, couldn't rotate my head to the right and numbness in my left foot. When I started receiving chiropractic treatment I was able to turn my head to the right, the pain in my neck and shoulder are gone and the pain in my low back has eased. I recommend chiropractic, because it works on some patients when other doctors can't help. Dr. Bone and the staff were very caring towards myself and others that were being treated.” —
Larry Godwin

“I had suffered from chronic low back pain since 1982. I began receiving chiropractic care a month after my mid back began hurting. I had been to a sports medicine doctor and was prescribed Vioxx, which gave some relief but the pain returned as soon as I discontinued taking the medication. Since I began treatment I no longer have pain in my mid back and my low back doesn't bother me especially in the morning when it used to. I definitely recommend chiropractic care. Adjustment is the key to long-term correction, unlike medication, which is a short-term fix. If the doctor feels you need surgery he will tell you and not waste your time. The doctors and staff have your best interest at heart, you can tell from when you walk in the door and it continues until you leave. They are all so dedicated to your wellness and it shows!” – Janis Fite

“I started receiving chiropractic treatment after suffering from low back pain for several months. I had been taking eight Advil a day, now I take none. I absolutely recommend chiropractic. I believe in this type of treatment, the results are back pain relief! Everyone at the clinic is just great.” —Margaret Haskins

“Suffering from headaches and neck pain had kept me from being able to sleep at night. I went to a physical therapist and took several different medications, but found no relief. I had heard a lot about chiropractic care and after a month of going without sleep I started treatment with Dr. Bone. I am so glad I came to Dr. Bone. I am no longer on any medication, the headaches and neck pain are gone and I can sleep through the night. I recommend chiropractic because it is the only thing that worked. Dr. Bone and the staff are very friendly and make you feel right at home. I thank them all for helping me.”—Michelle Mclinton

“For years I had pain in my lower back and right leg and knee. I had tried pain pills with no success. My sister-in-law had found relief from chiropractic care and recommended I seek help. Since starting treatment I can stand and walk for longer periods with no pain in my back or leg. I know chiropractic can benefit others because of how it has helped me. The staff is nice and I have received excellent care.” —Anna Allen

“When I began treatment with Dr. Bone I was suffering with back and shoulder pain. I had been on pain pills and muscle relaxers, but after 3 years I had no relief. I saw Dr. Bone's commercial on television and was determined that he could help lessen my need for pain pills. I didn't want to become addicted. Since I began chiropractic I have seen excellent improvement. I have less pain in all areas that gave me problems, I don't have to stay in bed as much, and I have more energy to take care of my family and home. Dr. Bone is very compassionate and caring. He and his staff are friendly, courteous and always smiling. I have referred many people in pain and encouraged them to come see Dr. Bone. All of you are the BEST!” ---Pam Rogers

“When my mother began treatment at Back Pain Relief Clinic I brought her for her appointments. I could see a big change in her within two weeks. I had been having mild headaches and pain in my low back, neck and shoulders, so I thought I would see if I could be helped. I had been to several doctors for years and received no relief, just more prescriptions. Now I can do things I haven't done in years, like work in my yard again. I recommend chiropractic not only because of my success, but also my mother, who came in using a walker. Now she uses a cane, when she remembers. The doctors are caring, patient, and understanding. The girls in the office are lovely, friendly and have become very special friends.”—Gail Phelan

“I started receiving chiropractic care due to low back pain and a loss of taste, smell, and hearing. I had been to a hearing specialist. I thought I would be sore and ache a lot, but I have been surprised I haven't. My back pain is gone, my taste has improved and my golf game is better. Everyone at the clinic is nice and concerned about you. The atmosphere is like you are coming home to friends. The whole experience has been wonderful.” —
Brandon Skiles

“I have suffered with pain in my neck and low back for 20 years, the last 10 years I have also suffered with fibromyalgia. I have hurt all over everyday, and been miserable. I have seen several types of doctors, done therapy and taken medications, but I still felt awful. I began chiropractic care to feel better. Since I began treatment I feel like a human being again. My pain is at a minimum because the treatments have worked so well. I finally feel at peace. I recommend chiropractic because of how well it worked for me. The doctors and staff are friendly, efficient and well trained. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed.” — Shirley Flake

“I decided to try chiropractic care after suffering from sever lower back pain. I was on muscle relaxers for the pain, but had no relief. Since I started chiropractic, my back pain is less, I have quit taking medication, and I am able to take walks in the morning. The office staff is friendly and they make me feel like a special person, not just a number on a chart. I feel better, thanks so much.” --- Marilyn Skiles

“I began chiropractic care when I started having pain in my lower back. I had already tried medications and trigger point therapy. Since I began treatment, I am able to make it through the day with less back pain. My back feels good, I hope to avoid severe problems later. I have been impressed with this approach to healthcare. I share the same thought that the body has to be in balance to work correctly.”—Richard Skiles

“I was having pain in my neck and back when I began chiropractic care. My parents had been to a chiropractor, so I knew what to expect. Since I began chiropractic I have had a lot of improvement in my condition. The treatments have made my work less painful.”—
Stephen Vandiver

“I decided to seek chiropractic care after suffering for 10 years with headaches that were unbearable. I have fewer headaches since I began treatments and would recommend chiropractic to others because it really works and helped me so much.”--Tiffany Simpson

“After a month of suffering with extreme lower back pain and frequent neck pain, I decided to seek chiropractic care. I had gotten to the point that I couldn't perform normal everyday activities. Since I began treatment I am able to bend, stretch and move without back pain. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others. It has helped me to feel better and I wish the same for others. The doctor and staff are fantastic. Their positive attitudes are great, they are the nicest staff of any doctor's office I know. They always greet you with a smile.”---Sandy Simpson

“I have suffered with neck problems since I was in elementary school. The pain progressed through the years without anyone finding the root of the problem. Eventually this led to chronic neck pain and numbness in my hands and feet. I began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Bone after encouragement from family members who were already under his care. I had received old school chiropractic treatment before, but since beginning my treatments with Dr. Bone I have almost complete relief from the neck pain and no more numbness, or nothing that can't be taken care of by a quick adjustment. The expert care and individual attention I have received have given me great relief. I waited too many years to get proper care. This is one of the best and friendliest offices in Jackson. DR. BONE IS AWESOME!”---Carol McBride

“For 7 months I suffered from lower back pain that was very intense. I had tried over the counter pain killers but with no relief. My back pain is less intense since I began chiropractic and I would recommend it to others because it has helped me without taking harmful medicines. The care here is excellent, everyone is wonderful and make you feel welcome.”--- Christi de la Vara.

“Pain in my lower back was causing me to have trouble standing and sitting for more than 10 minutes. The pain had persisted for 6 months, resulting in loss of sleep. I had received treatment from a general doctor and taken over the counter medication with no relief. Since my treatments began my pain has reduced, I can sit and stand with better posture and range of motion and my sleep has improved. Chiropractic really helps and I would recommend it to others. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way possible”.---Victor Rousseu

“I sought chiropractic care after suffering with pain all over my body for 2-4 years. I had trouble with the curvature of my spine because of it being twisted. Since starting chiropractic my spine is straighter and a lot of the pain is gone. The doctors and staff are great. They are all wonderful and really care about your health. I recommend chiropractic to others because it helps.”---Reathie Adcox

“I have suffered with headaches, and pain in my neck and back on and off for 10 years. I have been to a physical therapist, tried medications, and had been to a chiropractor, which did provide some relief. Since I started treatment with this clinic I have fewer headaches and less pain. I recommend this type of treatment to others because it feels great. Everyone at the clinic has a friendly and caring personality and makes you feel like you are a family member.”---Diane Lambert

“For a year I was having pain in my shoulder, arm, wrist and hand, along with severe headaches. After seeing a neurologist I was told they could find no connection to my headaches, that was when a friend suggested I seek chiropractic care. I have been going to a chiropractor ever since. I can honestly say that only through chiropractic have I received any relief, and am able to cope with my pain. I recommend chiropractic because of all the reasons above and it is what is helping me. Everyone at Advanced Rehab and Medical has been extremely helpful and nice to me, and I believe my chiropractor is doing everything he can to help with my condition.”---Freddie Jones

“I had suffered with pain in my neck, back, arms, and knees for over 15 years. I didn't seek chiropractic care until I was involved in a car accident. Using heat therapy had not provided any relief. Since I started treatment I am having good results and there is a lot less pain. I would recommend chiropractic to others because it really works. I have learned a lot about my nervous system and my spine and how it is connected to the rest of my body. I love Dr. Leavitt, Dr. Bone, and the rest of the staff. They have all been so good to me and have helped me with my pain.”--Jeannie Mathis

“I have had pain in my neck for five years, then last year I started having pain in my lower back. I had tried heat therapy and exercise, but found no relief. I stated chiropractic care to try and alleviate this pain. Since I started treatment I now have less pain. I have recommended chiropractic to others, and will continue to do so. I am very pleased with the doctors, staff and the care I receive at the clinic”.--Mary Jane Parker

“For ten years I have suffered with migraines weekly and tension headaches every day. I had explored all other options; neurologists, medical doctors and pain pills. Within three months my headaches were almost completely gone. I will recommend chiropractic to others because it works. It is a drug free approach that gets to the source of the problem. The doctors and staff are the best ever. The care I receive is wonderful.”--Jennifer Brewer

“Thirty years of shoulder, neck, and low back pain caused me to seek chiropractic care for relief from the pain. I had tried massage therapy without success. I have received total relief from the pain since starting treatment. I recommend chiropractic, it is the only solution for a misalignment of the spine. The doctors and staff are professional, compassionate and knowledgeable.”-- Bill Horner

For eight months I had been in pain due to a neck and back injury. The treatment I had received from a medical doctor had not worked. After starting chiropractic I can walk better and my pain is better. Chiropractic has done a great deal for me. I recommend it because chiropractors care for you as a person, as well as any physical problems you have. The doctors and staff are great. They are all helpful and very nice”.--Lynn Wood

“I have had neck and shoulder pain along with upper and lower back pain for approximately 20 years. I have been on muscle relaxers that were prescribed by a medical doctor and for the last 15 years I have seen other chiropractors. Dr. Bone has fixed my problem! Where the other chiropractors would temporarily ease the pain, my pain is gone because of adjustments and home therapy. I am now able to do activities such as gardening, crafts and sewing without pain. I have more energy and I am sleeping better. I definitely recommend chiropractic to others for relief of pain, increasing your energy level and achieving overall better health. My care at the clinic is excellent! The staff is so nice and caring. Everyone here is wonderful!”--Cathi J. Smith

“I had been having trouble with low back pain for nearly a year and a half before I decided to seek chiropractic care when a family member referred me. I had seen a medical doctor but found no relief. After several weeks of treatments I feel much better and I seldom have any back trouble. I have recommended chiropractic because this care has improved my health and life. The staff is friendly and I am confident of the doctors knowledge”—Jason Fisher

“Three weeks of pain in my lower back, leg cramps, and aching in my toes had caused me to go see a medical doctor. I was put on pain medication, but it didn't help. My sister paid for a visit at Back Pain Relief Clinic and insisted I go. Now that I am receiving chiropractic care I am almost pain free or rarely have pain. I will recommend chiropractic because many people are in chronic pain and I feel the treatments here can help. The staff is wonderful. They are very personal and make you feel like family.”--Jacqueline Bailey

“I first sought chiropractic care 30 years ago for muscle spasms in my chest. I also had trouble with neck and back pain. Over the years I had seen a medical doctor who prescribed medication that didn't help. I continued to see another chiropractor over the years, but until I began care with Dr. Bone have I seen any real improvement. I now have less pain and stiffness, and I am sleeping better. I recommend this clinic because their method of treatment corrects misalignments. I am very pleased with the care and attitude of Dr. Bone and his staff”.--Joyce Barz

“For two years I suffered with neck pain.Then someone told me that Advanced Rehab and Medical could help. After starting treatment I no longer have any neck pain. I will recommend chiropractic to others because of what they have done for me. The staff here are very good people.”--Arnold Simpson

“For several years I suffered with pain in my back, feet and legs. I had been to a medical doctor, but I was still in pain. I decided to try chiropractic to find relief from the pain. Since I began treatments I feel good and will recommend it to others because it works. The doctors and staff at the clinic are great”.--Clifford Mullikan

“Suffering with lower back pain for several years had made it hard to walk some days. I chose chiropractic care because it corrects the problem, where other doctors use pain medication, which covers the problem, but doesn't fix it. Since I began treatment I feel much better. I only occasionally have pain and I am getting better every week. The staff here is like a family. They are all outgoing and helpful. They knew who I was after one visit and make me feel welcome and comfortable.”--Brian Griffith

“I had been having trouble with headaches, back pain and numbness in my leg. This had been going on for two weeks. I tried exercise and medication but found no relief. I decided to seek chiropractic care for my back pain. Now I have no headaches, the numbness in my leg is better, and the back pain is gone. I have better posture, walking is easier and I have a feeling of well being. I recommend chiropractic for others because it has worked wonders for me. The doctor and staff have been wonderful. The care you receive is special, therefore you feel special, like you are family.”--Lessie Franklin

“A friend suggested that I try chiropractic because of pain in my low back, neck and right heel. Since I began treatment I have found relief in my lower back and my right foot. I will recommend chiropractic because IT WORKS! The doctors are thorough and professional. The staff are all courteous, caring and friendly—Jim Carter

“For ten months I dealt with pain that ran down my back, through my hip and down to my knees, also severe neck pain that gave me very little mobility. I decided to try chiropractic after someone recommended it to me. I am now pain free. I now recommend chiropractic because they fix the problem without surgery or medicine, and I like that! Thank you to Dr. Leavitt for giving me my life back. He is very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated, as is the whole staff. They make you feel like family more than a patient. Perfect 10 rating!”--Gary Scott

“I had suffered on and off for several years with low back pain. I had tried physical therapy and pain killers, but I was searching for pain relief that didn't involve drugs. That was when I started chiropractic care. I can now bend without severe pain and pick up my daughter. I recommend chiropractic to others because of the results that I got. If they can help me they can help anyone. The staff has a personal touch that makes you feel better. They always show concern for how you feel.”--Tracey Mebane

“Since having polio as a child, I have suffered with pain most of my life. I have pain in my lower back, severe pinching nerves in my lower pelvis, and pain in my left ankle. I have had surgery before, but I was still in severe pain. Since I began treatment my pelvis has been leveled and can now walk level. I recommend chiropractic because it works. The care I have received is great and the staff is wonderful”.--David Hart

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